Basic Laboratory Rules
General Principles
Basic Laboratory Rules
Handling Chemicals Safely
Handling Glassware Safely
Hazard Warning Signs
Personal Protection
Here are a few simple rules that form the basis of good, safe lab practice. There might be particular procedures however that require special rules. For this reason it is vital to read any scripts thoroughly and to seek the advice of demonstrators / lab - supervisors.
Always... Never...
Wear Safety Glasses Work Alone or Unsupervised
Wear a Buttoned Up Lab Coat Eat of Drink in the Laboratory
Tie Back Long Hair Touch, Sniff or Taste Chemicals
Wear Gloves if Necessary Wear Open Toed Shoes or Sandals in the Laboratory
Be Aware of the Risks and Hazards Involved in Any Experiment Pipiette Liquids By Mouth
Use a Fume Cupboard if Necessary Dispose of Hazardous Materials Down the Drain
Minimise Risks By Working Tidily Return Unused Chemicals to Their Containers
Clear Up Spillages Immediately
Clear Up at the End of a Practical